WBUT, BCA, 1st Sem.,-Digital Electronics (BCA101) Exam

The paper consists of questions about electronics regarding computers. The paper consists of objective, short answer type and long answer-type questions. Section A consists of objective questions, B consists of short answer types and C consists of long answer types. There are no negative marks for choosing the wrong option in the objective section. The paper is for a total of 70. The candidates are allotted three hours for completing the question paper. The questions also include diagrammatic ones and can be mastered only with consistent practice. There are ten questions in section A and five questions each in the rest of the sections. All the questions in section A have to be answered. From the other two sections, two questions have to be answered from each section. Below are attached some of the previous years question papers and for more information and details visit:

WBUT, BCA, 1st Sem-Digital Electronics 1

WBUT, BCA, 1st Sem-Digital Electronics 2


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