WBUT, BCA, 1st Sem-PC Software (BCA104) Exam

Software papers authorised by WBUT takes into consideration all the computer related programs and languages and their technical understanding. The course envisions the software functions and applications that are required for data processing and the topics specialize in machine languages and program languages that are inevitable for understanding how software process data. The subject sheds light on the different types of software like system software, application software and programming software and covers topics on software documentation and execution. These are important for learning any software and students are trained to create blueprints and develop models on them. Software firms look for employees with special training and practical exposure to these. Thus the subject is very useful when it comes to gaining insight about software and controlling databases with élan. Application software has special use in education, decision making, medical study, quantum and telecommunications thus proving itself even more potent compared to the other programming tools. The paper holds only 70 marks while the rest are for internal assessments done by the individual colleges. Find some question papers for previous year’s exam below.

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