Maharashtra Board 10th SSC, Science & Technology Paper-I Exam

Science and Technology Paper is very important paper for the students of class 10 as they get to know the basic science and laws governing various things around us. It builds the base for those students who want to take up Science in their higher secondary. The paper has questions from periodic table, Sound, Change of State, Current Electricity, Modern Physics, laws of motion, inertia of rest and motion, Mass and Energy, Work and Power, X-Rays, Electrolysis, Ohm’s Law, Joule’s Law, Light etc. The questions asked from these topics are very common and are very simple. If you study hard giving attention on all the parts of your syllabus then you will be able to answer all the questions. The other good thing about this paper is that you won’t find any subjective questions. All questions require short explanations. So, one who can answer precisely to the point will get good marks compared to other. For further details on this paper download previous year’s question papers from below.

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    ssc maharashtra board semi English maths and science papers of academic year 2012-13.

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