WBUT ECE 5th Semester Computer Architecture & Organization (EC503) Exam – Download Previous Years Question Papers

Computer Architecture and Organization paper is of complete 70 marks. There are total of 3 sections in which the entire 11 questions are divided as 1question ion GROUP A; it is a multiple choice question, 5questions in GROUP B and 5questions in GROUP C. In part A answering any 10 is required. Marks distribution is […]

WBUT IT 6th Semester Database Management Systems (IT 604) Exam – Download Previous Years Question Papers

I.T. 6th semester Database Management Systems paper is basically a conceptual and mathematical paper. For this subject it is important to know the basics of SQL thoroughly. Solving previous year question papers can be helpful to pass but for scoring good marks the basics needs to be known. The total marks in this paper are […]

WBUT MCA 2nd Sem Data Structure With C Exam

West Bengal University of Technology is playing a very supportive role in the technical education in West Bengal. Many colleges are under this University which are providing technical education to the students. Data Structure with C is a part of second semester of MCA where students learn various data structure and their implementation with the […]

WBUT MCA 2nd Sem Data Base Management System I Exam

West Bengal university of technology has a degree for masters in computer applications where database management system I is an important part of the curriculum in the 2nd semester. You will have only 70 marks for this paper as the rest 30 marks are for exams conducted by individual colleges during the course of the […]

WBUT, BCA, 1st Sem-Introduction to Programming (BCA103) Exam

West Bengal University of Technology conducts an introduction to programming examination in the first semester for BCA or bachelor of computer applications students. This will be the base for the students as they have to deal with various programming in due course of their curriculum and in order to do well in programming languages later […]

WBUT CSE 4th Sem Mathematics (M 401) Exam

Mathematics taught to the Computer Science and Engineering students in the fourth semester under West Bengal University of Technology helps the students to formulate their basic knowledge for the complicated derivations they will need to do later on in their course. The question paper is divided into three sections. The first section is a purely […]

WBUT, MCA 5th Semester, Object Oriented Programming With Java Exam

The West Bengal University of Technology offers various bachelors and master level courses to the candidates. Master in Computer Application is one of them. The Object Oriented Programming with Java Papers belongs to the fifth semester of this course. In general the paper pattern under this university is almost same for every course. The main […]

WBUT, EE, 3rd Sem., Electrical And Electronics Measurement (EE 302) Exam

The Electrical and Electronics measurements paper is of 70 marks in the 3rd semester of the EE branch of the WBUT. The candidates are required to solve the question paper in the availed time limit of three hours. The question paper is divided into three sections as Section A, Section B and Section C. Section […]

WBUT, EE, 3rd Sem., Circuit Theory And Networks (EE 301) Exam

The circuit theory and networks is one of the important papers of the 3rd semester of the EE branch. The full mark of the paper is 70. There are three sections in the paper. The first section has 12 MCQs and only 10 is to be answered by the students. The second section has short […]

WBUT EE 4th Sem Digital Electronics And Integrated Circuit Exam

Digital Electronics and Integrated Circuits is an important subject because the knowledge of this subject will be helpful in later semesters also. The paper for this subject has three groups. In first group 15 MCQs of 1 mark each are provided of which 10 are needed to be answered. Second group or Group-B consists of […]