Ch BP Govt. Engineering College B.Tech Civil Engineering 3rd Sem- Structural Analysis III Exam

Structural Analysis III is used in Civil Engineering which deals with qualitative analysis of materials with or without mathematical calculations. It is another type of analytical chemistry that seeks to understand the roles of various materials. The course curriculum highlights the kinematic indeterminacy to study the stability quotient, structure type and movements adopted by the […]

VTU, CSE, 3rd Sem – Unix and Shell Programming Exam

Computer science is the branch of engineering that deals with the various aspects of computer utilities in the modern life right from the working of the simple calculators to the more complex super computers. It has revolutionized our lives and changed the way we think about everything. Importance of the paper UNIX is a programming […]

PTU Diploma Course ECE 3rd Sem- Computer Programming & Applications Exam

PTU Diploma Course ECE 3rd Sem- Computer Programming & Applications are based on commonly asked topics like the commonly used input/output functions in C, the four data types in C, the various forms of looping, the various control structures available in C language, definition of terms like multidimensional array and so on. The majority of […]

Ch BP Govt. Engineering College B.Tech Civil Engineering 3rd Sem Structural Analysis-I Exam

Ch BP Govt. Engineering College B.Tech Civil Engineering 3rd Sem Structural Analysis-I Papers are designed to test the student’s knowledge of the fundamental concepts of this subject. Topics from which questions can be asked include simple strain, Mohr’s circle and the values of Mohr’s circle when other data like principle stresses are already mentioned, the […]

PTU Diploma Course CSE 3rd Sem- Computer Programming Using C Exam

Computer Programming using C is a sub-set of computer programming course where the language of programming is only C. It is used in Blue Java and Java and the guidelines are followed from the curriculum topics that are exclusively designed to whet and utilize computer programming skills of the students. It begins with a brief […]

Visvesvaraya Technological University B.E. Electronics & Communication Engineering Third Semester- Electronic Instrumentation Exam

Electronic Instrumentation is a subject working on the practical skills of students to familiarize them towards handling electronic instruments and to boost their confidence in the field. The key topics are instrumentation methodology, analogue instruments, sensors, digital transitional electronics and digital electronics. The course pedagogy emphasises on the general rules of measuring qualities of electrical […]

PTU M.Tech in Computer Science and Engineering 3rd Sem Business Information System (CS 526) Exam

There are 8 questions in the paper and the candidates must answer any 5, all questions carry equal marks. Some of the questions are: briefly describe some of the factors that contribute and encourage participation in e-commerce, what are the factors that act as obstacle to businesses, explain the meaning of End-user software development, give […]

Mangalore university Technology Arts – Political Science Semester 3- Political Processes in India Exam

This 120 marks paper is divided into two sections; Part A has six questions out of which four must be attempted. All questions carry ten marks. Some of the questions in this section are: explain the meaning of Federalism and discuss some of the features of Indian Federalism, what are pressure groups and describe some […]

Pune University Production Enginering 3rd Sem-Material Science Exam

Pune University Production Enginering 3rd Sem-Material Science Papers are based on the theoretical notions behind the subject and their practical application when a set of data is given. Questions can be asked on topics like how to calculate the critical resolved sheer stress of a single crystal, the differences between cold and hot working, what […]

Indraprastha University BCA 6th Sem- Internet Programming Exam

In the age of computers and technology one cannot do without the thorough knowledge about computer programming and hence it is perhaps better to get a good grasp of this in the academic discipline of Internet programming. Some of the topics taught in this paper are web server and its functions, difference between HTML and […]