WBUT IT 6th Semester Database Management Systems (IT 604) Exam – Download Previous Years Question Papers

I.T. 6th semester Database Management Systems paper is basically a conceptual and mathematical paper. For this subject it is important to know the basics of SQL thoroughly. Solving previous year question papers can be helpful to pass but for scoring good marks the basics needs to be known. The total marks in this paper are […]

PTU BCA 4th Sem-Data Base Management System (BC-402) Exam

Punjab Technical University is among the foremost Universities which are providing quality education to the students. Bachelor of Computer Education course provides students the knowledge of various things related to computer application and in that Database Management System forms an important part. In fact in future when they will work in some Software companies the […]

Gujarat Technological University, Computer Engineering, 3rd Sem, Database Management System Exam

The Database Management System has a total of seventy marks and time duration of two and a half hours. There are no sectional divisions in this paper. There are a total of five main questions of fourteen marks each and the candidate is required to answer all five questions. Each of the five questions has […]