Makhanlal Chaturvedi Rashtriya Patrakarita Evam Sanchar Vishwavidyalaya -M.Sc in IT 1st Sem Computer Organisation and Architecture Exam

The Computer organization and Architecture examination for the first semester for M.Sc in IT is taken in a total of 100 marks. The pass marks for the paper is 40. The examination is held in both Hindi and English. The paper totally based on the subject and includes questions on computer, its architecture and organization. […]

Sant Gadge Baba Amravati University MCA 1st Sem- Computer Organization Exam

Computer Organization is the subject meant for teaching the students the basics of computers and related things like networking and hardware. The subject covers topics like the development of computer science, structure of computers, different parts of computer, Boolean algebra, and other such concepts. The exam of the paper is of 80 marks. Questions are […]

Sathyabama University M.E-W-Applied Electronics- Computer Architecture and Parallel Processing Exam

In the field of applied electronics computer architecture and designing is a very important aspect. This is specially because the hierarchy of different memory and balancing act provided by the different parts constitute the smooth functioning of a computer. Some of the crucial topics are the features of the three shared memory multiprocessor models, the […]

Cochin University, MCA 1st Sem – Computer Organization Exam

The MCA course of Cochin University is a strictly professional course which focuses on the computer application principles and strategies. The faculty ensures that students grasp the concepts and functions of the computer, digital systems and computer architecture well through the practical classes conducted under this course curriculum. Thus the components of the module are […]

Pune University Information Technology 3rd Sem-Computer Organisation Exam

Pune University Information Technology 3rd Sem-Computer Organisation Papers are designed to test and challenge a student regarding his or her understanding of the basic and fundamental ideas of the subject being studied. Topics from which questions are likely include Booth’s algorithm and its depiction using appropriate flowcharts, the manner of working of a BIT pari […]

University of Mumbai FYBSc Information Technology – 1st Sem Digital Computer Exam

It includes data information (digital system features), number systems (decimal, binary, octal, hexadecimal, interconversions), data representation, binary arithmetic, floating point representation of numbers. Codes (BCD, XS-3, Gray, hamming, alphanumeric codes -ASCII, EBCDIC, UNICODE), error detection and correction, Boolean algebra (basic gates, universal gates, identities, De Morgan laws, karnaugh maps, Quine Mc Clusky method), Combinatorial circuits […]

Mangalore University BCA 2nd Sem Computer Organisation and Architecture Exam

The outline of the subject, Computer organization and architecture, delineates the concepts of the whole computer system including its hardware and software. The structural and functional intricacies of a computer are what this subject thrives on and the course deals with the organization and roles of the elements particularly. It takes into consideration the design […]

WBUT, MCA, Sem I, Computer Organisation & Architecture (MCA 101) Exam

This Computer Organisation & Architecture paper involves a number of topics which must be tackled conceptually. These include Boolean algebra on which a number of short objective questions are usually asked. This is a scoring topic since by getting the objective questions right, students can obtain full marks even. Other topics include EPROM, decoder, complement […]

WBUT IT 4th Sem Computer Organization and Architecture (CS 404) Exam

Computer Organization and Architecture is a significant subject of study as it apportions the study of internal behavior of the central processing unit as well as its communication with the other peripherals and the hardware connectivity among them. The paper is segregated into 3 groups A, B and C of 10, 15 and 45 marks […]

WBUT ECE 5th Semester Computer Architecture & Organization (EC503) Exam – Download Previous Years Question Papers

Computer Architecture and Organization paper is of complete 70 marks. There are total of 3 sections in which the entire 11 questions are divided as 1question ion GROUP A; it is a multiple choice question, 5questions in GROUP B and 5questions in GROUP C. In part A answering any 10 is required. Marks distribution is […]