Kuvempu University M.Sc in Environmental Science-Environmental Education, Environmental policy and Legislation (Paper-IV) Exam

Environmental Policy and Legislation, being a sub-part of Environmental Education, is an extension of the environmental statutes that are formulated to protect the environment. The laws are not simple but are combinations of many international conventions and instructions. The subject teaches its students how to reduce the harmful impact of human activities on natural resources […]

Kuvempu University LLM (Distance Education) Second Year- Banking Law Exam

Banking Law integrates all the legal dimensions associated with banking processes thus making it a highly lucrative job. The topics are designed to certify that students can widen their skills beforehand in both practical and theoretical fields. The subject matter contained within this course is very elaborative starting from an introduction on business in banking […]

Kuvempu University M.Sc in Environmental Science-Occupational Health Hazard, Control and Management (Paper-III) Exam

The world is burning with the various ill effects of the greed of humans. We have not only over exploited the various natural resources but actually gone so far that the earth seems to be ailing. Thus in such a scenario the environmentalists are very much needed. In the recent years the subject has gained […]

Kuvempu University M.Sc in Environmental Science-Biodiversity and Natural Resources Conservation and Management (Paper-II) Exam

In this age of rapidly growing pollution and global warming, conservation and management studies becomes an inevitable part of Environmental Science. Students and learners are given extensive training in handling environmental resources with care. The objective of the syllabus is to provide complete protection to the natural elements and work for a better climate coupled […]

Kuvempu University M.Sc in EVS-Introduction to Ecology and Environment (Paper-I) Exam

Kuvempu University M.Sc in Environmental Science-Introduction to Ecology and Environment (Paper-I) Papers are aimed at providing students with a thorough understanding of the basic principles of the subject. The current paper pattern is like if you have attended 25 Marks Scheme you need to answer for 75 marks and if you have attended 15 marks […]

Kuvempu University LLM(Distance Education) Second Year- Law of Export and Import Regulations Exam

The Law of Import and Export Examination for LLB second year is conducted for a total of 70 to 80 marks and the total time allotted for the examination paper is three hours. The paper is divided into two sections. Section 1 has five questions and all are compulsory. Each question has two parts and […]

Kuvempu University LLM (Distance Education) First Year- Judicial Process Exam

Kuvempu University is an internationally recognized university for its excellence in education and striving in research to reach the global standards. With its objective of establishing a significant name in the world of education and learning, it has reached places and will be doing so in the future too. Out of the many unconventional streams […]

Kuvempu University LLM(Distance Education) First Year- Law and Social Transformation in India Exam

Kuvempu University LLM(Distance Education) First Year- Law and Social Transformation in India Papers contain questions from a wide range of topics like the relation between law and social transformation, the role of religion as a divisive factor, how society and the legal system can mediate in the case of religious disturbances and inequalities, the difference […]

Kuvempu University Bachelor of Arts-3rd Year Paper-IV Hindi Optionals (Hindi Sahitya ka Ithihas aur Vyakaran) Exam

To have a thorough understanding of the Hindi literature, it is essential to have a good understanding of its grammar and literature. The Hindi optional paper is one which has been focussing on the whole history of the language along with its literary achievements over the years. This course usually caters to the students who […]

Kuvempu University BA Education 3rd Year- Education System in India (Paper IV) Exam

This paper is aimed at providing students with a strong grounding in the basic tenets of the education system in India. Historical emergence of education from the colonial times, the role and importance of governmental commissions like the Kothari commission, the importance of the Montessori system in pre-primary education, the role and aims which education […]