University of Mumbai-M.Com Part I Advanced Cost Accounting Exam

The Advanced Cost Accounting Papers for Part I students have a very specific and direct syllabus. The questions will be set according to the syllabus. Students go through topics like materials of productions, direct labor, direct expenses and related issues, accounting problems that need to be solved like over head costs and general costs. Over head distribution questions will be provided in the question paper. Other than this, there will also be both theoretical and application based questions on process costing and marginal costing. Not just so, the student has also to read up on concepts like budgetary control, standard costing etc. Paper will have questions on uniform costing and inter firm comparison. The students are also expected to present diagrammatic and graphic presentation of cost information. He or she will also have to make costing reports. Students can also expect questions on activity based costing and cost reduction and cost audit. For your help we have attached some previous year’s question papers which you can download and practice.

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  1. RUPALI says:

    please send the all the question paper of mcom part 1 from 2009 to 2013

  2. vishnukumar jadhav says:

    please send the all the question paper of mcom part 1 from 2011 to 2013 Oct & apr both

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