Mangalore University BCA 3rd Sem C++ and Object Oriented Paradigm Exam

C++ and Object Oriented Paradigm examinations are a vital part of the curriculum of BCA 3rd Sem students of Mangalore university. Without this paper answered properly one might lose the foundation of scoring well in related subjects in future One answers or needs to answer 80 marks in 3 hours maximum and the number of questions do not very much. There are 2 parts, A and B. One can answer any ten of the 12 questions in part A carrying 20 marks. In B one can answer one entire unit of the four units carrying 60 marks each. Questions are on inline functions, manipulators and even data hiding with encapsulation concepts too. Access specifiers and their types needs to be known by well skilled students to score better than others. Thus it’s not just about rote memory but more about testing concepts in semester examinations.

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